Better Neighbourhoods Inc., formerly Barr Associates, has over 40 years of experience in development consulting with land owners, developers and builders. With a strong bias towards good urban design, we design undeveloped or under-developed sites and manage the approvals and development of projects from concept to completion. We believe mixed-use, walkable, diverse neighbourhoods are the cornerstone of sustainability. This approach creates the greatest land value, which benefits the developer, the local municipality and the neighbourhood.

At Better Neighbourhoods Inc. we put the neighbourhood first. This neighbourhood focused design approach enhances the value of the public realm and, in turn, the buildings within it. We believe good urban design is the key to solving many of the complex problems the built environment faces today. Our goal is to provide expertise to create great urban environments that not only add value but are built for people, not just their cars.

Located in downtown St. Catharines, much of our work is focused in the Niagara Region. Accordingly, we have developed excellent working relationships with local municipalities and related consulting firms in Niagara. By understanding the local land development context, we can assist our clients by providing good advice, even before planning approvals are sought.

Do you have a neighbourhood that needs improving? Are you wondering about the development potential of a building or property? We can help.