What to expect when working with BNI

At Better Neighbourhoods Inc., our goal is to design places that people love. We specialize in the development or redevelopment of small and large properties in order to maximize their value while creating or improving the neighbourhood.  This “neighbourhood first” process requires a variety of skills including: site and building economics, urban design, planning, engineering, management and an appreciation for landscaping and building design.  

Key Benefits

For Land Owner 
Better Neighbourhoods can help property owners secure the maximum value from their land, streamline the approval process by ensuring applications are aligned with planning policy and enhance the marketability of the project.

For Neighbourhood 
We believe that having a place you love to come home to is about much more than your house. Our projects enhance the public realm and ensure that development is compatible with the neighbourhood context. They also increase property values for home owners.

For Municipality 
Working with Better Neighbourhoods Inc., also provides tangible benefits for municipal organizations, including ensuring development applications are supported by planning policy, finding desirable land uses, increasing assessment values and creating cohesion with existing neighbourhoods.