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The BNI Philosophy

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Feb 1, 2016

Town planning is a complicated, constantly evolving process, inexplicitly linked to transportation. Before World War I and II, cities were designed for people, many of which did not own cars. However, shortly after the end of the war, Euclidian zoning was introduced, which together with the widespread use of the automobile, encouraged a greater separation between land uses. The resulting land use pattern is now referred to as ‘suburban sprawl’ which necessitates personal transportation to overcome greater travel distances.

The New Urbanism is a planning movement developed in the early 1990’s to ‘combat’ suburban sprawl and it has become a proven defendable theory on urban planning. In essence, The New Urbanism encourages (nee promotes) compact, walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods as the principal planning philosophy, embodying many of the principles of Smart Growth.

“Founded in 1993, New Urbanism is a movement united around the belief that our physical environment has a direct impact on our chances for happy prosperous lives. New Urbanists believe that well-designed cities, towns, neighbourhoods and public places help create community: healthy places for people and businesses to thrive and prosper.”

Better Neighbourhoods Inc. is philosophically aligned with the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU). Its principals have been active members of the CNU for many years and use its resources and conferences to improve skills and integrate solutions and ideas from around the world into the Niagara context.

Both Glenn Barr and Daniel Romanko have been accredited with the designation “CNU-A” by the University of Miami for the Congress of the New Urbanism and are up for the challenge to build ‘Better Neighbourhoods’.

Posted by: Daniel Romanko