24 Wanda Road

About This Project

24 Wanda Road is a small infill project in the City of Thorold. The developer owned adjacent lots, 22 and 26 Wanda, and hired Better Neighbourhoods Inc. to determine the highest and best use for the property. BNI concluded that 26 Wanda should be renovated, and an additional 2 storey home could be constructed by severing a section of both existing lots.

In collaboration with the developer, BNI lead the approval process with the municipality, and designed a unique home which complimented the existing architecture in the neighbourhood. With minor planning adjustments, the builder could have built a garage-centric home or expanded 22 Wanda into a Monster home (Photo examples below), both of which would have negatively impacted the walkability and property values of surrounding homes. The built home features a beautiful front porch, and moves parking to the side of the lot, as opposed to the car being the focal point of the lot.

The new home also includes an accessory dwelling unit in the basement, which is rented as an affordable housing opportunity. This unit was raised, allowing for much larger windows and natural light than other traditional basement units. For the homeowner, this unit provides an additional source of income which can subsidize living expenses and adds additional value to the property. The inclusion of the accessory unit helps to improve affordable housing opportunities within the City of Thorold, which is a welcome change to the neighbourhood.

This project was recognized in 2016 as the winner of Small Scale Project Design at the Niagara Community Design Awards.




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