27 Cherry Street

About This Project

27 Cherry Street contained a small house which was historically significant to the Yates Street Heritage District. The home was constructed in 1850, and was added to following the second World War, making the old home a duplex. Prior to our work, the property functioned as a rental duplex in fair to poor condition. The front half of the lot was used as a three car parking lot for the units.

Photographs of 12 Cherry Street prior to its 1940’s addition could not be found. Therefore, the house was restored to depict what it may have looked like in 1850. A Heritage Impact Assessment was conducted to ensure that the restoration would fit with the district, while also utilizing modern and sustainable building materials. The result was a beautiful 1,290 sf single family heritage home, pictured below.

The new home, known as 12 Salina Street, is a raised two storey home with an accessory dwelling unit as a basement apartment. It was raised an additional 5 feet, which allows the basement ADU to feature big windows and an accessible entrance. Above is a 1,600 sf two storey “upside-down” house. The street level contains the bedrooms and laundry, with the entrance from a wide verandah facing Cherry Street. The upper level contains the living room, dining room and kitchen, as well as a large covered balcony facing the east cityscape.




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