Welland South School Redevelopment

About This Project

Welland South School closed in 1985, and the property sat dormant for 29 years until the building was demolished in 2014. During this time, residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods urged city officials to transform the property into new residential housing opportunities.

Better Neighbourhoods Development Consultants was hired to design the site plan, conduct all required engineering tests, and manage the project through the site plan approval stages.

The site features 37 townhouses, with a focus on the pedestrian experience and a diverse streetscape. A linear park at the east of the development connects the front of 5 units to the main street, providing a relaxed and semi-private setting for the front entrance and porch. Residents utilize a private rear land to access their garage, allowing the front of the house to face the neighbourhood. 

Decentralizing the garage from the design has numerous benefits to the urban experience, and is a core principle of Traditional Neighbourhood Development. By removing the large garage door from the front of the home, and subsequently removing the need for sidewalk intrusions for driveways, the pedestrian experience is significantly improved. In addition, it has been proven to reduce crime as a result of Jane Jacob’s “Eyes on the Street” theory. 

170 Broadway was recognized as the 2017 Infill Design Award winner by the Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians.




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