Portfolio Category: Development

Welcome to our Development Case Studies at Better Neighbourhoods, where we highlight our expertise in guiding projects from concept to completion. These studies showcase our comprehensive approach to land development, emphasizing effective planning, meticulous management, and seamless execution. Join us as we explore projects that exemplify our commitment to shaping the built environment and enhancing the quality of life for residents and communities alike.

Aspen Common

In the Western Hill neighbourhood of St. Catharines, we are leading a project to enhance adjacent properties on Rykert Street, comprising 0.8 acres of residential

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Summerside Mews

The site for Summerside Mews, a new greenfield development, is located near the main entrance to Fonthill. Following the construction of the Meridian Community Centre

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27 Cherry Street

27 Cherry Street contained a small house which was historically significant to the Yates Street Heritage District. The home was constructed in 1850, and was

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