Portfolio Category: Redevelopment

Welcome to our Redevelopment Case Studies at Better Neighbourhoods, where we spotlight transformative projects that breathe new life into underutilized or neglected areas. Through these studies, we showcase our expertise in revitalizing communities, repurposing existing infrastructure, and fostering sustainable growth. Join us as we explore how strategic redevelopment initiatives can create thriving, resilient, and vibrant neighbourhoods that stand the test of time.

82 Queen St.

82 Queen street was originally a single family home located in the downtown core of St. Catharines. The site was redeveloped into a 2 unit semi-detached house which features traditional architectural design to fit in with the heritage and character of the historical downtown district.

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Mckinnon Park – Phase 1

McKinnon Park is a large-scale redevelopment of the land once home to the St. Catharines General Motors factory. The site is in a fantastic location,

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27 Cherry Street

27 Cherry Street contained a small house which was historically significant to the Yates Street Heritage District. The home was constructed in 1850, and was

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St. James Lofts

Growth Social House Inc. approached Better Neighbourhoods to work with them on their historic redevelopment of St. James Anglican Church in St. Catharines. This facility

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Welland South School Redevelopment

Welland South School closed in 1985, and the property sat dormant for 29 years until the building was demolished in 2014. During this time, residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods urged city officials to transform the property into new residential housing opportunities.

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